Over the next year, Leverage NC will roll out a set of educational resources designed to address the most immediate issues facing communities and local economies.

Topics will include post COVID-19 development, funding and partnerships, organizational development, project development after a disaster, and strategy development for a new normal.


How to Be a Better

Grant Writer

Grant funding can advance institutions, evolve towns, and make lasting changes to an organization. Grant applications, however, can prove far less exciting. Rather, it can often be a daunting and confusing process. Learn the best approach to take and how to make your application more successful.


Festivals and Events - What does the future hold? 

COVID-19 has changed the way we do festivals and special events.  How will COVID change the way we do events in the future? What are the safety precautions?  How do we do events virtually? How do we use this disaster to make improvements to community gatherings? 


What's Next for Retail?

Let's Explore the Options

What’s next for the retail industry?

How do we attract the attention of expanding brands? Are there more
ways I can help my local businesses? There are many questions around the future of retail and restaurants, and how to best position our communities to compete for new commercial investment dollars. Let's explore them.

workplan pic.png

You Need an Economic Workplan

The first and most important step in developing an economic work plan is recognizing the need for a formal strategy and embracing that responsibility.


This will help you be off to a great start and learn those next steps.

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How to Cultivate an Economic Champion

Regardless of your town’s size, you need someone who has economic development on their mind, someone who can connect the dots and is willing and able to serve as your economic development leader!  Learn how to cultivate this champion for your community. 


Throughout the year we will offer various webinars. All webinars are free to attend.

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